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Redesigned Screwdriver Pen

Computer Aided Industrial Design | Spring 2022 | March 25' 2021
To look at an existing tool I have modeled and re-design it considering function, materials, and your personal design aesthetic.

Modeled on: SolidWorks | Rendered on: KeyShot
Original Design

The original screwdriver pen is a handy tool that I use as a product design student in my day-to-day life. 

The redesign for the existing screwdriver pen was simple; remove the hollow triangular indents and add a rubberized grip to the handle to allow for easier usage when my hands get greasy or wet. Often, the inner workings of products are greasy, and this redesign helps to ensure my hand doesn't slip when taking things apart.

Final Rendering

Redesigned on the left, original on the right

5 CMF (color, material, finish) variations

Blown up view of original (right) and redesigned (left)

Detailed shots of individual pieces

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