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One More Triangle

April 13' 2021
Prompt: "Create an object inspired by one of your most powerful memories. It must have an interior and an exterior component."

Taking inspiration from my time in the Singapore Army, a vital aspect of Recon training required trainees to spend days navigating inside dense jungle terrain in the dead of night. We’d use topographical maps to navigate, which helped us understand the curvature of the Earth’s terrain based on the shape of the lines and their spacing. 

Moving through arduous terrain during the night meant that sleep deprivation became a constant battle we all had to deal with. To keep me awake, I played mind games with myself and saw the lines on the map as a combination of triangles, so in my head, I kept telling myself “One More Triangle.” If I could make it to the next triangle, eventually, I’d reach the objective, and that I did.

To bring this memory to life, I drew triangles of different shapes and sizes onto a 19 x 24” sheet of bristol paper and formed it into a mountain shape by gently scoring the triangles and folding them into my desired form. The individual triangles represented the mountain’s interior, while the combination of all the triangles showcased the exterior component of the mountain.

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