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Collapsible Structures

November 24' 2020
Prompt: Create a collapsible structure out of basic or found materials around you without using adhesives or electric tools.

I experimented with creating the collapsible structure using popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and chipboard, beginning by puncturing holes into the popsicle sticks using a gimlet drill. 

I created these cross-shaped forms to help facilitate the four collapsible sides of the structure. The toothpicks are sandwiched between layers of these cutouts where the popsicle sticks attach to the corners of each cutout.

Practice Model

I proceeded by adding circular forms in the space between the four collapsible columns to accentuate their ability to fold and unfold, utilizing bristol paper to play around with the thickness and length of the paper. I added another rectangular-shaped half-circle to help emphasize the collapsing movement of the structure. 


The prototype was a success, both aesthetically and functionally. The following steps were to change the materials by replacing the white paper with a thicker, silver-colored bristol paper for the rectangular-shaped form and strips of plastic sheets for the circular forms. The transparency of these plastic sheets allows the viewer to see the structure's inner workings as it collapses and uncollapses. 

Final Model
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